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The Team  
The strength of EPEC lies in its people. EPEC brings to any project or task exceptionally high levels of expertise and relevant experience. EPEC staff has extensive experience and a high level of credibility in the performance of their duties whether it involves the psychological assessment of an individual student, a high stakes licensure examination or the implementation of a large scale assessment program.
EPEC is staffed with highly qualified Researchers, Psychologists, Psychometricians, Programmers and Administrative Staff, including members of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing, International Test Commission, Psychometric Society, Australian Psychological Society, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Australian Guidance and Counseling Association, Institute of Objective Measurement, European Association of Psychological Assessment, International Association for Educational Assessment and The Australasian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators.
Professor John Barnard

Professor John Barnard is the Founder and Executive Director of EPEC Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia. Professor Barnard is an internationally recognised expert in psychometrics, assessment and education, holding three doctorates (D.Ed. in Mathematics Education; Ph.D. in Item Response Theory; and an Ed.D. in Assessment).

His work and leadership has been recognised through his appointment as Professor with a dual appointment in an adjunct capacity at The University of Sydney and an honorary position at The University of Cape Town. He also taught courses in psychometrics, statistics and research methodology on a sessional basis at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) from 2000 to 2013.

Professor Barnard is a member of a number of professional organisations including; a Board Member of the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) since 2010, Vice President for IACAT in 2013 and elected as President from 2014. Professor Barnard is also a member of the International Assessments Joint National Advisory Committee (IAJNAC). He is moreover a Consulting Editor of the Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing and a member of the International Editorial Board of the SA Journal of Science and Technology. He specialises in psychometrics, computer-based assessment and measurement theories. His acclaimed work as a Researcher has been acknowledged with various awards and promotion to the highest rank as Chief Research Specialist. Following studies in the US, Professor Barnard pioneered the implementation of Item Response Theory (IRT) in South Africa at national level, developed an item banking system and published the first Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) for selection of students in the late 1980s. Since founding EPEC in 2000, Professor Barnard has been active in numerous projects; from engineering CAT exams on large scale, delivering psychometric services, to the development of Option Probability Theory (OPT).

Dr. Illonka Barnard

Dr. Ilonka Barnard is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in partnership with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Dr. Barnard is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), and holds a D.Ed. in Educational Psychology.

Dr. Barnard began her career as a Secondary School Teacher, and following this role, she went on to become a Lecturer. Dr Barnard subsequently spent the next seven years as a Researcher and Item Writer, whilst continuing her studies in Educational (Cognitive) Psychology. Dr. Barnard further worked as a Psychologist in a ten-member multidisciplinary team, becoming the head of the team in 1995.

Dr. Barnard is responsible for the Psychological Service Delivery at EPEC. This includes the development of questions and tests, the assessment of people, reporting, counselling and development. Dr Barnard has coordinated the development and use of tests for clients over more than 20 years. Dr Barnard also works as a Consulting Psychologist in numerous primary and secondary schools in Victoria, and commenced this in 1997. She administers, scores and reports on the use of various classified psychological tests such as the WISC, WAIS and WPPSI on a weekly basis.

Professor David Maree
Manager: Organisational Assessment Services

Professor David Maree is a registered Psychologist and a C2 Researcher. David holds two doctorates (D.D. and D.Phil in Cognitive Psychology). Professor Maree started working as a Researcher in traffic research, standardising psychomotor assessment tests, and further initiated and worked on numerous projects regarding the selection of drivers and traffic officers, fatigue and driving, literacy and driving, the visual screening of drivers, compiling norms and standardising psychometric instruments, and the use of neural networks in assessment. Professor Maree is also a Test Development Specialist and has published widely in the field of Psychology.

Professor William Fraser
Manager: Educational Assessment Services

Professor William Fraser joined EPEC in 2014, and holds a D.Ed. in the Methodology of the Life Sciences through the University of South Africa (UNISA). Professor Fraser taught biology at high school level for ten years after which he worked as Edumetrist in the Institute for Psychometric and Educational Research, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). He also taught assessment and quality assurance, methodology, research methodology and education at UNISA and the University of Pretoria for close to 27 years and published widely in science education, distance education and subject methodology.

He has supervised more than 60 students to the completion of masters and doctoral qualifications, and is a recipient of numerous research grants investigating learning styles, subject teaching, teachers as researchers and students teachersí engagement in communities of practice. Professor Fraser has for many years worked as consultant in Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania where he shared his expertise in curriculum and instructional design, competence-based education and Life Sciences.

Professor Fraser is a Charted Biologist (CBIOL), Fellow of the Society of Biology (FSB) and member of the South African Academy for Science and Arts (M.Acad.SA). He was a recipient of the OVSA-SANLAM Research Medal and Chancellorís Prize for Research, University of South Africa. He was also the recipient of the Chancellorís Medal for Teaching and Learning, University of Pretoria in 2008 listing him as exceptional achiever. Professor Fraser also serves as Advisor on the editorial boards of the Turkish Journal of Distance Education, the Journal of Instruction and the Journal of Biological Education. As subject methodologist he specialises mainly in curriculum development, instructional design with specific reference to scientific inquiry, learning theories and the teaching of Life Sciences to blind and visually impaired learners. He is currently also serving as guest editor for the South African Journal for Science and Technology.

Dr. Frank Robbins
IT. Manager and Principal Programmer

Dr. Frank Robbins is EPECís IT Manager and Principal Programmer, and holds a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics, a Master of Information Technology, a Graduate Diploma in Operations Research, a Graduate Diploma in Statistics and a Certificate IV in Education and Training. Dr Robbins was appointed by EPEC as a part-time Data Analyst and Programmer in 2001, becoming the full-time Manager of Information Technology in 2008. He has developed his skills and experience as a Data Analyst and Programmer over the past 30 years whilst working at the State Insurance Office; The Valuer General's Office, Landata, CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research, RMIT University, the Australian Council for Educational Research and the National Institute for Economic and Industrial Research. Dr Robbinsí programming experience is complimented by his knowledge and application of a vast number of programming languages including C++, Visual Basic, SQL, Pascal, Cobol and Fortran, as well as the operating systems Windows and Unix. He also has knowledge of statistical packages including R, SPSS and Statistica and formal knowledge of system design principles and techniques.

Dr. Jennifer Davis
Senior Psychometrician

Dr. Jennifer Davis is a Senior Psychometrician on the team, and holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods and Psychometrics following a Masterís degree in Research and Evaluation. Dr. Davis has experience in data management, statistical modelling, equating, calibration, differential item functioning, assessing parameter drift and standard setting. She has experience in applying both Classical Test Theory (CTT) as well as Item Response Theory (IRT) models in managing psychometric aspects in projects. Her extensive work in assessing item and test functionality, reliability, validity and other psychometric issues is recognised in technical contributions to reports.

Dr. Nicolaas Claassen
Business Development Consultant

Dr. Nicolaas Claassen is a professionally registered Psychologist and holds a D.Litt. et Phil. (Psychology), and is an active member of several professional organisations. Dr. Claassen started his career as a Teacher and then a School Counsellor for ten years. He later took up a position as a Researcher in psychometrics and was promoted through the ranks to Chief Research Specialist. Dr. Claassen has extensive experience in organising workshops, acting as a Project Leader for a variety of projects and as a Lecturer in psychometrics and research methodology. He has acted as Referee for manuscripts submitted for publication in per reviewed journals, been a Supervisor for masterís and doctoral students and supervised interns. He has further authored or co-authored a number of publications and presented numerous papers at conferences. Dr. Claassen also acted as Sampling Manager for the Third International Mathematics and Science Study from 1993 through to 1996, and has been active in the development of psychological and educational assessment instruments for the past 20 years.

Monique Barnard
Business Development Consultant

Monique Barnard is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in partnership with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Ms Barnard is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), an Associate Member of the College of Organisational Psychologists (COP), and holds a Masters degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology. Monique presented research on recruitment and personnel selection instruments at the third International Association for Computerised Adaptive Testing (IACAT) conference in Sydney (August, 2012), and holds experience in various roles ranging from a Vocational Advisor position in Occupational Rehabilitation (Nabenet), experience in the education sector (RMIT University) as well as placements at Metro Trains Melbourne, PeopleScape and an internship at PsychPress. Ms Barnard is certified to administer tools such as the MLQ360, OPQ32, ECR, and Hoganís Suite of Talent Assessment tools (HPI, HDS, MVPI). Ms Barnard is currently completing the Registrar Program through AHPRA to become an Endorsed Organisational Psychologist, and a full Member of the College of Organisational Psychologists (COP).

Hendrik de Kock
Test Development Manager: Numeracy

Hendrik de Kock is a Curriculum Expert and Test Development Manager on the team, and holds a B.Ed.; H.E.D and a B.Sc. He started his career as a Secondary Schools Mathematics Teacher, before accepting a position as a Researcher to develop mathematics items and tests. He specialises in the field of mathematics education and the development of educational assessment instruments.
His research interests include the study of outcomes based education and outcomes based assessment in mathematics, the role of computers and parents in mathematics education, assessment programs such as the use of Assessment Resource Banks to assess and improve the quality of education.
Mr de Kock has experience in teaching, curriculum development, curriculum revising and report writing, the development of assessment instruments and the design and implementation of large-scale assessment programs in education. His current research focus is primarily on the development and implementation of Assessment Resource Banks, Teaching and Learning Resource Banks in Mathematics as well as the development of assessment instruments in mathematics on all levels. Mr de Kock is also a co-author of a Mathematics textbook series.

Nelladee Palane
Test Development Manager: Literacy

Nelladee Palane is a Language Co-ordinator and Test Development Manager on the team, and holds a M.A. Development Studies. Ms Palane has worked as a Consultant for the Centre for Evaluation and Assessment (CEA) for the University of Pretoria for almost a year, on projects related to the teaching and assessment of English Language in under-resourced schools. Her background is in teaching English Language and lecturing in Communication. She has also been part of a number of community- driven initiatives focused on up-liftment through a holistic approach to education. Ms Palane is currently completing a Ph.D related to the Assessment of Literacy Levels in South Africa.

Tiana Wilson-Buys
Account Manager

Tiana Wilson-Buys holds over 15 years of experience in a career in corporate business, and her knowledge and experience is focussed on business management, strategic business development, marketing and sales negotiation. Since 2005, Ms Wilson-Buys has been involved in the research and development of Client Retention Systems and processes for SMEs globally. These unique systems and marketing strategies form the basis of training, consulting and mentoring which she provides for businesses and organisations in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Rhoda Barnard
Account Manager

Rhoda Barnard is a doctoral candidate in medical education at the University of Sydney and holds a Masters degree in Dietetics. Ms Barnard is a professionally registered and accredited Dietitian (APD) as well as an accredited Nutritionist (AN). She is also an active member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Ms Barnard has gained experience at organisations such as the Peter James Rehabilitation Centre, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Nutrition Australia and Austin Health. She also worked at EPEC as an Administrative Officer for a number of years on a part-time basis whilst practicing as a Dietitian at aged care facilities with over 500 residents alongside multi-disciplinary medical teams. With her formal appointment as an Account Manager in 2013, she has been overseeing and contributing to end to end project delivery for clients.

Debbie Dash
Administration Manager

Debbie Dash is EPECís Office Administrator, and holds a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Certificate III in Office Administration, and is a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), registered with the Australian Board of NLP Inc. Ms Dash has extensive experience in office administration and management, data entry, optical scanning, computerisation of questions, marking of papers and general administration tasks. Ms Dash was appointed as the Administration Manager in 2012, and throughout her time with EPEC, has been an invaluable contributor to the business, and the team.
EPEC Management Structure