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  EPEC conducts online assessments through the EPEC-Prognoser , or EPEC-Complete Systems. EPEC can also deliver assessments via the use of a Client Server through EPEC-Offline, or via paper-and-pencil, and has accessible, a wide range of tests to meet your needs or the option to tailor make assessments, some of which are mentioned below.  
  You have a choice of three types of tests offered: traditional, computerised adaptive tests (CATs) and option probability tests (OPTs) in the online assessment delivery mode (refer to our Computer Based Assessment page).  
  The CAT tests are designed to provide accurate quantitative information about your performance by comparing your results to those of others who have undertaken the tests and producing numbers that indicate your ability, while the OPT tests are individually tailored tests designed to meet your needs by also indicating both your strengths and your areas for development.  
  In order to arrange taking a test, contact EPEC either by email or by phone or select the test/s you would like to complete from the list below, and click 'Pay Now'. You will then be transferred to the PayPal site where you will complete the order. Note, there may be a delay in waiting for the PayPal site to appear on your screen, and also that the price is GST inclusive. You need to complete all the details requested as part of the payment and you may cancel the payment at any time without obligation. After completing the payment you will be transferred to our Contact Us page.  
When you have paid for the tests you would like to complete, the test/s will become available, and you will be contacted of this via email, and provided with all the information needed to take the test.  
  After you have completed the test/s, staff at EPEC will analyse the results and provide you with a Report via email. In particular, OPT will provide feedback relating to how you answered the questions; whether you were too cautious or under cautious in your answers.  
Please contact us if you would like to first discuss which tests may suit your needs, and for group prices.  
  Most Popular Tests  
You can select to take one or more tests. Tests are divided into Ability, aptitude and skills tests and Medical tests. With each test, you will receive a personalized Report with results and feedback.
Starting at $21.95 per test, the most commonly used Abilities, aptitudes and skills tests include...
Starting at $28.95 per test, the most commonly used Medical tests include...