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06 February 2015

Option Probability Theory: A quest for better measures

Have you ever wondered how to determine if a candidate in an exam 'guessed' their way to a good score?

Now there is a way to know!

Prof John Barnard has developed a new measurement paradigm, Option Probability Theory (OPT), which can highlight the confidence a candidate had in each of their answers in an exam paper.

An article on OPT will be published in the American Review of Mathematics and Statistics (Volume 3, Number 1), which is due to be released in June, 2015.

EPEC has already evidenced the benefits of OPT in high school scholarships and medical practice tests to date, and is currently implementing this new measurement paradigm in formal examination scenarios.

With the ability to determine the amount of guessing in tests and faking in questionnaires, imagine what could be next!

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